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Residential Bird Removal Has Been Taken to the Next Level

The cost of bird removal services will depend on the size of the bird population in your home and where their habitat is situated. Pricing factors consider common areas such as overhangs, corners, windowsills, ledges, gutters and gutter elbows, recessed spots, semi-sheltered areas, hydro lines with fasteners and outdoor spaces like patios or A/C units that can be effectively treated using our solutions for pigeon elimination.

It is crucial to consider the big picture of pigeons’ habitat, as the surrounding infrastructure and environment often influence pigeons’ behavior and contribute to issues with pigeons. However, simply having a house or building that provides these conditions does not guarantee problems will occur. To determine why you are experiencing conflicts with pigeons, it is necessary to examine your immediate surroundings. Typically, food and water sources can be found nearby along with shelter for roosting or nesting on some part of your home’s exterior. The combination of these factors in a particular area usually results in pigeon-related issues.

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Bird Removal Services

Residential homes contain numerous structures that may appear similar, but every issue demands a distinct approach owing to unique circumstances. Safety issues make it difficult to access these areas, and the structure’s age, size, material variation, and condition all contribute significantly to determining the most effective method of bird proofing. Given that birds possess exceptional flying abilities and can outsmart humans effortlessly; expertise is required when dealing with them. If you live in Toronto or the nearby areas and face pigeons’ problem, contact our experts now and request a free quote.

We strive to offer cost-effective solutions for addressing the pigeon problem by suggesting remedies that require minimal or strategic use of products with a guaranteed, one-time installation.

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To prevent birds from entering your balcony, the most feasible option is to set up a netting system. This won’t hinder your ability to relish the scenic surroundings and it also won’t compromise the overall appearance or stability of your building.

Balcony netting is also available for tenants and condo owners who want additional protection and reassurance that Pigeon Busters’ installation work is reliable and secure.