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Bird Netting Installation Service

Flocks of birds like pigeons, seagulls and crows can become a major hassle when they congregate in sizable quantities. They have the potential to make quite a mess, cause damage on surroundings and transport mites as well as other types of bacteria. Additionally, their noise level is not something to ignore!

An exclusion product that is highly effective is Bird Netting. Its versatility, lightness and inconspicuousness make it suitable for almost any type of structure. High-quality netting is crafted from polyethylene – not polypropylene – with knotted construction to withstand up to 40 pounds of breaking strength. Careful planning must be done before installing bird netting on any building, as each project requires customized hardware design, engineering and fabrication to ensure optimal integration that guarantees both aesthetics and long-lasting effectiveness.

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Contrary to popular belief, netting installation is not simpler for residential buildings compared to commercial ones. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Residential-grade structural materials are typically of inferior quality and mounting can pose a problem which increases the likelihood of complications arising during installation. Consequently, netting placement requires greater complexity and is predominantly utilized in commercial contexts or on apartment balconies where any variety of birds may perch themselves.

Pigeons can be controlled effectively and inexpensively using netting. This low-profile solution creates a barrier that deters birds from entering restricted areas, such as balconies, recesses and alcoves. Bird netting is especially effective in preventing unwanted feathered visitors from accessing these spaces.

The Advantages of Birds Spikes Installation:

  • Humane and Safe. They are not sharp
  • Affordable
  • Repels pigeons and other larger birds.
  • Eco-friendly; no power needed
  • Doesn’t ruin the aesthetic aspect of the building