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Balcony Cleaning Services

Balcony Cleaning

In our efforts to control pigeons, we frequently perform balcony clean-ups and install nets to discourage their return. Pigeon nesting on balconies is a prevalent issue in Toronto and nearby areas, but we have an affordable solution that will remove all waste material and leave your balcony spotless while also keeping the outdoor area pigeon-free.

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Bird poo cleaning in Reading

It is not advisable to assume that pigeons will leave voluntarily as they tend to inhabit an area for extended periods and soil your property with their excrement. Their waste contains a plethora of harmful elements such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, intestinal parasites and bloodsucking mites which require the services of trained professionals for thorough cleaning. We would be happy to give you a free estimate for your bird cleaning and proofing needs. Give us a call without hesitation!

We get rid of all the pigeon mess like guano, old nests, nesting stuff and any dead pigeons we find. Then we hit everything with a strong germ-killer to make sure no bacteria or viruses stick around. We scrub it all down really good, suck up any wet spots and spray more germ-killer just to be safe.

If your balcony has a wooden deck that’s been damaged or rotten, we can help by removing and replacing it with new boards while taking care of the waste.