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Property Management

Our Years of Experience Plays a Significant Role

For more than 5 years, we’ve collaborated with property management firms, developers, and building restoration companies to assist them in integrating bird netting without compromising the structure or appearance of their buildings.

Each Project is Unique – Each Solution is Different

In the majority of apartment complexes, property managers or owners advocate for and endorse the installation of pigeon netting. You can easily arrange an installation with us by reaching out. Building management frequently hires Pigeons Master to oversee a structurally secure and consistent installment that includes an adequate warranty.
Newer condominiums and apartment buildings may understandably be cautious about the installations on their property, considering potential structural concerns. However, some fail to recognize the harm caused by bird droppings, which can impact both building stability and tenant or condo owner wellbeing. A balcony covered in feces is not only unsightly but also poses health risks that cannot be overlooked. To resolve this issue effectively, proper installation of bird netting is necessary as it offers protection from these hazards.

For newly constructed or renovated balconies, it is crucial to maintain the waterproof coating on the balcony floor and address any penetrations promptly. Builders typically recommend durable stainless steel mounting hardware that can last longer. To ensure low visibility, use at least 2-inch square netting made of high-quality knotted polyethylene instead of flimsy plastic mesh with wooden frame installation or other unprofessional products that are not effective. Avoid using spikes on balconies as they are unsuitable for this purpose.

Our SMART Approach

Our strategy significantly reduces the overall costs of managing facilities for property owners. In addition, our clients have found it less challenging to obtain funding for bird-friendly components when incorporated into their building’s initial design and construction rather than retroactively. Eliminate your worries about birds with our help as we analyze potential risks associated with avian habitats to avoid damage to your new structure while safeguarding the well-being of these creatures. Based on where you are in terms of project development, objectives, and finances, we can offer a comprehensive approach that mitigates dangers posed by bird environments while minimizing collisions with glass windows. We’ll take care of everything from product selection to supplier negotiation through completion so that you can focus on other pressing matters at hand.