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With our extensive knowledge and innovative utilization of numerous proven methods, we have successfully assisted countless clients who were dissatisfied with the lack of proficiency displayed by big corporations or individuals. Our solutions are efficacious in combating bird-related issues.

Pigeon Control

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With more than four years of experience, Pigeon Masters provides efficient and expert pigeon management services. We handle the menace caused by pigeons that disrupt your infrastructure and construct nests leading to concerns like building damage, insect infestation, and disturbance. Resolve this problem quickly with Pigeon Masters, your local pigeon control service in the GTA.

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The presence of pigeons on the roof can contribute to a significant issue known as noise pollution, which may result in inconvenience and sleep deprivation for people at home.


Not only do excrements lead to illnesses, but they can also result in harm to your belongings. The paint of a car, for instance, may rust if not washed after being exposed to droppings.


Pigeons can sometimes carry harmful bacteria and parasites that have the potential to transmit illnesses to humans through contact or exposure to their feces.

Other pests

Having a bird infestation can lead to dealing with additional pests as well. This is due to the fact that birds are capable of transmitting fleas, mites, ticks and beetles.

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How We Execute Our Bird Control Service

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Our skilled pigeon specialist will use a drone camera to survey your property and figure out what is attracting the birds. The examiner will also assess the severity of the infestation and pinpoint the areas that require attention.


The pigeon control specialist strives to provide you with the best service. Therefore, he will offer you different solutions to solve your problem. He will also discuss the most suitable option with you.


After applying the agreed-on solution to face your pigeon problem, our experienced Pigeon Masters’ technician can return to your property upon request within a period of 3 months.


We educate you regarding your pigeon problem. Once the service is over, the expert will provide you with valuable tips on preventing any pigeon-related issues in future and handover a service report to you.

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