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Electric Bird Deterrent Tracks

The preference for electric bird deterrent tracks lies in their sleek design, measuring a mere 8mm tall. Nevertheless, the system is reliant on consistent and uncontaminated low-voltage electricity flow. In case of debris, water or snow interference, the tracks may experience failure; hence upkeep to verify optimal operation charge via cleaning and connection examination becomes crucial. The attachment method includes adhesive or screws while power supply can come from either a plug-in source or solar charging unit.

The electric bird deterrent systems are marketed as completely friendly and safe for both birds and people. Nonetheless, it’s evident that the feathered creatures experience some degree of unease or discomfort since studies have demonstrated that they become acclimatized to the shocks and avoid returning to the area.

pigeon deterrent balcony Scarborough
pigeon deterrent balcony Toronto

It is beneficial to install the system. Unlike Bird Spikes, the tracks are long-lasting and do not hinder window cleaners or other maintenance workers from doing their job because they can step on them without causing harm. As mentioned before, the tracks cannot be spotted from ground level. However, it’s important to note that this system is suitable for commercial buildings only under specific site and environmental conditions.

The Advantages of Birds Spikes Installation:


  • Humane and Safe – low-voltage electricity flow
  • Repels pigeons and other larger birds.
  • Lasts Longe