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Bird Spikes Installation

Using bird spikes is a humane and low-maintenance strategy for controlling pigeons by preventing them from landing or roosting on your house or building. These spikes have been proven effective over time and do not require regular upkeep.

The Advantages of Birds Spikes Installation:

  • Humane and Safe. They are not sharp
  • Free Maintenance
  • Repels pigeons and other larger birds.
  • Made from Stainless Steel – Last Longer
  • UV-protected, transparent base.
  • Can be divided into smaller sections if needed

Pigeon spikes and bird spikes are commonly employed to prevent birds from perching on walls, ledges, roofs, gutters, commercial signs or even atop CCTV cameras. These tools have proven effective in keeping birds away without causing any harm as they do not actually come into contact with the spike-like structures.

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For effective bird-proofing and safety, pigeon spikes are a top choice. Bird or pigeon spikes can be spotted easily from the ground level, but we at Total Bird Control install them in a discreet and tidy manner to enhance their aesthetic appeal. The flexible design of these spikes makes them ideal for uneven and irregular areas where traditional bird deterrents like adhesive strips don’t work well.
Our bird spikes strip is made with top-notch materials, featuring marine grade stainless steel prongs that are sturdy and rounded, fitted into a flexible plastic base that’s transparent and UV-protected. The design of this bird spike strip has been carefully crafted to provide optimal coverage both horizontally and vertically, using staggered spikes that strike the perfect balance between density and looseness. Too many pigeon spikes close together will attract debris or nesting material while loose ones can allow pigeons to find footing in between them.

During the examination visit, our expert will decide on your need to have Bird Spikes Installation. If you live in Toronto or the nearby areas, contact us now and ask for a free quote.

Why Opt for Professional Bird Spike Installation in Toronto & Scarborough ?

Although bird spikes may seem to be an easy answer, professional installation is what makes it effective—as well as attractive.

Expert Assessment- Our team will examine your property and identify the most problematic bird perching areas to place spikes for focused action.

Proper Adhesion- Professional application of the adhesive on your concrete ensures that the bird spikes will stay properly secured for years.

Seamless Integration- Our experienced technicians will install the spikes tidily and unobtrusively to reduce the impact on the aesthetics of your building.

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