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Do you often find pigeon droppings on your balcony’s railing, floor, or wall? Consider installing pigeon netting on it. Pigeon netting can transform an ordinary balcony into a deterrent balcony, keeping pigeons off it. The right anti-bird net for a balcony near me prevents pigeons and other birds from nesting on your patio, helping maintain the aesthetic appeal of your home. 

Here are some compelling reasons to install pigeon safety nets near me

Protection Against Damage

Pigeon droppings may be acidic and can damage furniture, stonework, and brickwork. Pigeon netting prevents pigeons from nesting and perching on your balcony protecting it against damage caused by pigeon droppings. 

Health Reasons

Pigeon droppings, feathers, and materials used by birds to build nests can harbor fungi and bacteria that can cause diseases such as Psittacosis, Cryptococcosis, and Histoplasmosis. Installing pigeon netting on your balcony is a great way to keep pigeons off your balcony and reduce your risk of diseases caused by their droppings. 

Prevents Bird From Perching at Your Windows

Birds nesting near your home may perch on your balcony windows and constantly peck or strike them, causing damage. By preventing birds from perching on your windows, pigeon netting reduces the risk of window damage that occurs when birds constantly attack balcony windows. 

A Humane Way of Keeping Birds off Your Balcony

The ability of pigeon netting to keep pigeons off balconies without harming them makes it the ideal choice for animal lovers. 

Cost Savings

Pigeon droppings can affect the aesthetic appeal of your property and damage the items kept in your balcony. You may end up spending hundreds of dollars trying to restore your balcony or addressing damage caused by pigeon poop. By investing in pigeon netting, you can prevent expensive repairs that are carried out to reverse damage caused by pigeon droppings. 

Affordable, Durable, and Low Maintenance

The cost of installing pigeon netting is less than barriers and enclosures. Pigeon nets by reputable manufacturers utilize quality materials. They are UV stabilized- hence less susceptible to damage caused by UV radiation. Quality pigeon netting is low maintenance and needs to be washed occasionally. It does not tear rust or rot easily. 

Dispelling Some Myths About Pigeon Netting

Pigeon netting is used widely in urban areas to keep pigeons away from balconies of residential and commercial properties. Many property owners do not know much about pigeon netting and are misled by the following misconceptions about them. 

Myth#1:Pigeon netting is harmful to birds

Truth: Pigeon netting does not have any sharp edges and is composed of non-toxic materials. When installed correctly, pigeon netting prevents birds from accessing balconies without causing any injuries. 

Myth#2: Pigeon netting is unsightly and can affect the aesthetics of buildings 

Truth: Pigeon netting is available in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Modern pigeon nets are designed to blend with the facade of buildings, An expert can install pigeon netting in a way that it is barely noticeable from a distance. 

Myth#3: Pigeon netting needs frequent maintenance 

Truth: Pigeon netting utilizes quality materials that withstand the weather. It requires minimal maintenance when installed correctly. To maintain your pigeon netting, clean it at manufacturer-recommended intervals. Inspect the netting periodically for signs of damage and make necessary repairs promptly. 

Myth#4: Pigeon netting traps birds

Truth: The mesh of pigeon netting is designed to prevent birds from getting through without trapping them. 

Myth#5: Pigeon netting is only installed on balconies of historical sites or large buildings 

Truth: Pigeon netting can be installed on the balcony of any residential or commercial property regardless of the size of the property.

Myth#6: Pigeon netting is expensive to install 

Truth: The cost of installation can vary depending on installation complexity. That said, the benefits of installing pigeon netting far exceed its cost. 

Pigeon Masters is a leading bird control service in Meadowglen. Our pigeon net installers have acquired a wealth of specialized knowledge and bring decades of collective experience in installing pigeon netting on balconies of different types of properties. To schedule a pigeon net for balcony installation near me, call (647) 607-0671.