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Though they look cute and harmless, pigeons can do a lot of damage. Pigeon excrement does not just smell bad, it can cause damage to metals, stonework, and brickwork. Pigeon droppings are associated with several diseases including Histoplasmosis, Pigeon Ornithosis, and Encephalitis. 

To keep pigeons away from your balcony, install a balcony netting protective net system designed to keep unwanted visitors such as pigeons and insects off balconies. Balcony netting for pigeons is made from durable materials such as nylon, polyethylene, or polypropylene. 

Here are some benefits of balcony netting for birds.


Balcony netting can help transform your balcony into a safe play area for your children and pets. A balcony net near me acts as a barrier, preventing kids and pets from accidentally falling off the balcony, and providing peace of mind to parents and pet owners. 

With netting in place, you need not keep an eye on your children or pets while they play on your balcony. Balcony netting does not harm birds and installing it is a humane way to discourage pigeons from roosting or nesting on your balcony.   

Superior Durability

Top-of-the-line balcony nets utilize quality materials known to offer superior protection against the elements. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are UV-stabilized. When used properly, quality bird nets can last years. 

Pest Control

Netting keeps pigeons and other birds off your balcony and can help prevent mess caused by them. It also acts as a pest barrier and can reduce the need for chemical repellents used to keep large insects away from balconies. 

Cost-effectiveness and Ease of Maintenance

Balcony netting is a cost-effective alternative to other types of barriers and enclosures. Balcony nets made from quality netting materials are low maintenance and need to be cleaned occasionally. Visually inspect balcony netting now and then for signs of damage such as holes.

Enhanced Privacy

Balcony netting can boost privacy, making it difficult for neighbors or passersby (if you live in a ground-floor apartment) to see inside your house. Many manufacturers offer netting with varying degrees of transparency to meet diverse customer needs. 


Balcony netting can be installed on balconies of residential as well as commercial properties such as restaurants and hotels. Depending on a property owner’s needs, balcony netting can be used as a temporary solution or installed as a permanent fixture.

Selecting Balcony Netting

Unfortunately, not all-balcony nets are created equal. Cheap, low-quality balcony netting utilizes substandard materials that deteriorate quickly. Such nets usually do not last long and are a waste of money. 

Here are some things to consider when selecting balcony netting. 

Material Quality

Look for balcony netting that utilizes quality materials such as nylon, polyester, and polyethylene. These materials withstand the elements and do not degrade easily. Before buying a balcony net, check if it is UV stabilized (UV-stabilized balcony netting is resistant to damage caused by UV radiation). If you want to invest in metal balcony netting, make sure the material offers excellent resistance to corrosion. 

Mesh Size

Nets with smaller mesh keep small birds and pests off balconies and may even help improve your home’s aesthetic appeal. Make sure the mesh size is small enough to prevent children and pets from slipping through. Check the load capacity of the net you’re considering and ensure it does not utilize toxic materials. 

Installation and Maintenance

Look for easy-to-install netting and ask if the manufacturer offers an installation kit. Check the netting and read the manufacturer’s instructions. Consider low-maintenance options (some materials are easier to clean and more resistant to mold and mildew than others).

Reviews and Recommendations

Before buying a balcony net, read product reviews on third-party review sites. Seek expert advice on different types of netting materials and products.  

Cost and Warranty

Compare prices of different products offered by at least three manufacturers. Check if the netting you’re considering comes with a warranty or guarantee (a product warranty demonstrates the manufacturer’s confidence in the product). 

Whether you live in a condo or a multi-family home, the Pigeon Masters team can install balcony netting to keep pigeons off your balcony. Our professionals have the experience and expertise to do it right the first time. To schedule a balcony net installation near me, call (647) 607-0671.